Hello, and welcome to the world of tabla. If you are a tabla player, or are seriously interested in the instrument, or North Indian Classical music for that matter, then we highly recommend book-marking this site.

The Tabla Site was created March 21, 1997.  The page was constructed by Todd Dombrowski, an excellent tabla player and his guru, David Courtney. Todd did all of the HTML work while David supplied the material.  The original tablasite was hosted on the servers at the University of New Mexico.  We got our own home in 1998 when we moved to Pair Networks.  During 1998 and most of 1999 the URL was www.tablasite.pair.com.  During this period David started to take over some of the HTML.  Over the years numerous other hosting services would come and go.

In August of 1998 Shawn Mativetsky joined the team.  Shawn is a percussionist with a broad background in music.  He assumed the responsibility for maintaining the database.

A major change occurred in September of 1999.  It was in this month that Todd Dombrowski left to pursue other things.  The Pair Networks account was dropped, and the site shifted to Hiway Technologies (now known as Verio) to be hosted under David Courtney's domain, chandrakantha.com.

A major change occurred in March of 2002.  This was a complete rewrite of the site.  This rewrite was necessitated in part by changing HTML standards, but there was one other reason.  The larger domain of chandrakantha.com contains a lot of information on Indian music that are not specifically oriented to tabla.  Navigation difficulties made most of this information unavailable to the average visitor.  The rewrite allowed the users freer access to this larger body of information on Indian music.

The latest change in the site occurred in Sept. 2009.  At this point the TablaSite, combined with Chandrakantha.com and the SitarSite, have topped 3000 static html pages.  This did not include the PHP generated dynamic content behind Forums.Chandrakanthas.Com.  At that point the various sites started to display serious problems in navigation.  A complete revamp of their navigation systems was undertaken.  In the process, the Sitar Site was completely enfolded into Chandrakantha.Com, thus losing its separate identity; and the Tabla Site's assumed a common navigation structure with Chandrakantha.com.  The "look and feel" of the TablaSite was further brought in line with the rest of Chandrakantha.Com.

Our goal is to have the most comprehensive site about the tabla from a North Indian Classical perspective.  We have numerous sections dealing with all aspects of the tabla, from basic technique, to advanced theory, along with its role in North Indian Classical music, its history, acoustical physics, glossary of terms, repair and construction, etc.  Although the site has progressively been losing it separate identity, this is not a reflection of a decrease in priorities.  The gradual fusion of the TablaSite with the rest of Chandrakantha.Com is a restatement of the fact that the tabla is an important and indispensable part of a much larger system of music.

This is a site for beginners as well as advanced students, and those interested about the instrument from a scholarly point of view.


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