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OK - let’s get serious now.  Yes we have all of those things, but not for the reasons stated.

The Overall Feel

Most studios are are cramped, sterile, and claustrophobic places.  Control rooms are built small to keep the cabling lengths short (thus improving signal to noise ratios).  But the overall effect is like being stuck in a submarine for 10 hours a day.

Our view is that it only takes a few changes to make the transition from being claustrophobic to being cozy.  Therefore we consider the studio, especially the control room, to be a work of art.  We strive to invoke an Edwardian feel to the place.

Were we successfully?  To some degree we were, but we were forced to deal with modern equipment; this placed us at the mercy of their industrial designers.  Therefore there are frequent cultural and artistic clashes that cause our studio to have an ethos that spans a gap from Victorian to ultra-modern. Therefore it comes out sort of steam-punkish.  But that’s ok, we like steam-punk.  We believe that it does come off as being a warm, cozy, Edwardian inspired space for artists to relax and create. And that is the entire purpose.

Recording Studio another view


The Studio

There are three spaces to our studio, there is the studio, an isolation booth, and the control room.

The studio proper is where the artists are.  It comprises roughly 150 square feet of floor space.

Main Studio
Main Studio


We also have an isolation booth.  It is a little large for an isolation booth, but still it is an isolation booth.  There is nothing more un-sexy than this space.  But we paid very special attention to bass trapping here.  There is a tendency for isolation booths to be a bit bass heavy; we didn’t want that to happen.  We also have avoided parallel surfaces.

Isolation booth
Our isolation booth


Then there is the control room, this is where all the magic happens.  The control room is carefully designed to have no parallel surfaces.  The equipment tends to introduce some parallelism because that is the way that equipment is designed, but the room itself does not.  Parallel surfaces create standing waves, thus introducing a strong colouration which makes it difficult to accurately monitor one’s mixes.

Control Room
Control Room


Our Equipment

Our computer is a 12-core Mac Pro.  For storage it has five SSDs (two RAIDs and an SSD for booting), plus three hard disks, for a total of over 13 terabytes of storage.  The computer uses two independent data busses, a 3.3 GHz clock speed, and 64G of RAM.  In simple terms, it’s a kick-ass machine.

We use a variety of software.  We jump back and forth across several software packages, but mainly Logic, Garage Band, and Audacity for audio work, and Premier Pro for video work.

We have roughly 50 microphones spanning everything from a brand new Neumann U87ai to a cheap Czechoslovakian 1960s piezoelectric mic (don’t laugh, it has its uses).  Our mic locker contains models from Neumann, BLUE, AKG, and a host of others.

Our Neumann U87
Our Neumann U87ai Microphone


Our approach to microphones is simple.  We fully recognise that something like a $3500 Neumann will never be a bad choice, but it isn’t always the best choice.  We want to make the best choice.  You need to have the best sound, and we will work with you to find the best way to bring that sound out.

Our overall philosophy is to pursue a blend of the classic and modern sound.  To this end we use equipment which spans a broad spectrum from cutting edge modern plugins to old school inspired vacuum tube analogue compressors and mics.

We also do a lot of video work.  We have won two international awards for our music videos.  But at the same time we are very willing to accept humble projects such as instruction videos.


Here is our contact information:
David Courtney
Westbury / Meyerland area, Houston, TX 77096
713 665 4665


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