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Ragmala Painting of Kafi (17th century)

Ragmala Painting of Kafi (17th century)


Rag Kafi is the primary rag in Kafi That.  There are many popular film songs in Kafi rag including "Biraj Me, Holi Khelat Nand Lal".  It is a sampurna-sampurna rag that is very straightforward in its execution.

As is typical of the highly problematic vadi / samvadi theory, there is disagreement concerning the vadi and the samvadi.  Some suggest that the vadi and the samvadi are Pa and Sa respectively.  However, many are of the opinion that it should be Ga for the Vadi and Ni for the samvadi.

Its characteristics are shown below.


Ascending structure for Rag Kafi
(general discussion of arohana) - (general discussion of notation)


Descending structure of Rag Kafi
(general discussion of avarohana)


Sampurna - Sampurna - (general discussion of jati)


Evening - (general discussion of time and rag)


Kafi That - (general discussion of that)


Sa - Pa - (general discussion of drone)

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Tappa Raag Kafi Sunanda Sharma Hindustani Classical Vocalist


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