Program Information

Musical performances may be organized in your city.  These performance are normally 2-4 musicians.  Chandrakantha sings and plays the tanpuraDavid Courtney plays the tabla and is an exceptional raconteur.  There is usually one or two additional musicians who may play sarod, flute or any other instrument required by the nature of the program.

We normally perform a mixed semiclassical performance.  This is usually a small amount of kheyal, a fair amount of tarana, a lot of bhajans and an occasional light song, folk-song or gazal.  Don't plan on hearing any film songs!  These performances are also lightened up with interesting and amusing stories.  In general, the performances are dignified without being stuffy, and entertaining without getting cheap.  If you have some special requirement, such as all instrumental, or all Telugu songs, contact us for further information.

If you are interested in some fusion music, specifically Raga-Rock, then check out "The Realm of Raga-Rock".

For further information, contact David Courtney at or (713) 665-4665. E-Mail is preferred.



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