Live at the Stafford Civic Centre

Live: at the Stafford Civic Centre is a CD of classical North Indian vocal.  It is 53 minutes in length. It contains Chandrakantha Courtney on vocal, David Courtney on tabla, Bob Goldman on bansuri, Krishna Sunkureddy on harmonium, Hemanth Bhavsar on manjira, and Iswari Murthy on, Krishna Sunkureddy on tanpura.  The track list is:


  1. Darbari Kanada (Intro) -
  2. Darbari Kanada (Alap) -
  3. Darbari Kanada (Vilambit) -
  4. Darbari Kanada (Drut) -
  5. A Devout Man -
  6. Hari Naam Sumar Sukha Dham -


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