Bhajans: from the Hindu Association of West Texas is a CD of traditional Hindu Bhajans.  It contains Chandrakantha Courtney on vocal, David Courtney on tabla, Bob Goldman on Bansuri, and numerous other artists.  The song list is:


  1. Gaiye Ganapati -
  2. Bansi Ware -
  3. Payoji Mane -
  4. Jhapa Paramaeshwar -
  5. Mohe Lage Lagan -
  6. Ram Sumira -
  7. Guru Hamare -
  8. Omkar Rupini -
  9. Shiva Shankar -
  10. Om Jaya Jagadish Hare -
  11. Om Satyam Wad -


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The artists on this CD are: Chandrakantha Courtney (vocal), David Courtney (tabla), Robert Goldman (bansuri), Rakesh Amaram (tabla), Sujata Amin (vocal), Aiyanadar Bharathi (vocal), Shankar Bhattacharyya (sarod), Uma Bhat (vocal), Kris Challapalli (vocal), A. Charishma (vocal), A. Chirag (vocal), Vandana Kale (vocal), Ramesh Karia (vocal), Anuradha Kulkarni (vocal), Nikita Malani (vocal), Apoorva Murthy (vocal), Samhitha Murthy (vocal), Edwin Ostrin (sitar), Siraj Parmer (vocal), Dixi Patel (vocal), Maulin Patel (tabla), Yogi Patel (bansuri), A.V. Prakesh (vocal), Jenny Raja (vocal), Aparnna Ramanathan (vocal), Suvarna Rao (vocal), Narsimha Rao (vocal), Pramila Rawal (vocal), Latha Reddy (vocal), T. Ananth Reddy (tabla), Sagarika Satyavada (vocal), Leena shroff (vocal), Sucheta Thukral (vocal),



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