Hetal Mehta on Tabla

HETAL MEHTA comes from a musical family.  Her father, Shri Nandan Mehta is a top-notch tabla player.  Her mother is the well known sitarist Manju Mehta.

Her formal musical training began as a young child.  She started learning tabla at the tender age of seven at the Saptak School of Music, Ahmedabad.  Her teachers include such greats as Kishan Maharaj of the Benares Gharana.

Although she is very young she has an impressive record of achievments.  She has performed on All India Radio, and Doordarshan.  In 1998 she took 1st place at the All India Radio Music Competition.

The Times of India (1998) states, "She is [at] ease playing both solo as well as accompanying vocal and instrumental music."  They also reported at one of her performances, "The tabla solo in beneras style began with a paaral and amad.  The various layas like Sawari, Aadi, Jhulana, Barabar, and Kuaad were presented with great accuracy and confidence."



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