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The Kirtan or Dhun is related to the bhajan.  The major difference is that bhajan is usually performed by a soloist, while kirtan and dhun usually involve the audience in a "call-and-responce".  The musical quality is consequently much simpler to accommodate the uncertain musical abilities of the participants.  The term Kirtan is used by Hindus and Sikhs, while the term Dhun seems to be used only by Hindus, especially Gujuratis.


Instruments Used In Kirtan


Other Indian Vocal Forms


Selected Video

Harmonium Kirtan


Krishna Song-Devotional-Shamara Ji no Mero


Bhai Dalbir Singh - Har Jan Bolar Sri Raam Naama


Bhai Taarbalbir Singh - Aaio Sunnan Paran Ko Bani




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