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Indian film dance Nov 27, 2002 03:21 a.m.


I am performing an teaching Indian film dance in Switzerland. Is there anybody else doing this?
How do you teach it - choreographies or just technique (and if so, what style)?

I would also like to get in touch with people who actually work in the film industrie to ask them about how the dance scenes in films are done. The best would be to be able to speak to a choreographer.
Does anyone have contacts?

Thanks in advance


Re:Indian film dance Nov 27, 2002 03:31 p.m.


Perhaps you miss a great chance? The Silk Road CD-ROM is now available for order, you can listen to its demo at With these instrument you should be able to
produce all the music you need to choreograph dances along the
ancient silky road from Italy to China that Marco Polo once travelled it.I actually wonder if somebody is doing this already? The cost is $249, but some say its worth it.

Due to some server crash ? unfortunately many of the past postings were lost.But some of mine were about, that I found a CD with IndianOrchestra SoundFonts by ViennaMaster for U$ 19,95 only, demo for listening on ,this way one could form his/her own orchestra for choreography. Myself am looking for an affordable solution with which to microtune a scale, raga, maquam so that the music does not sound as tempered as on the above mentioned sample. The question is which method may be best, Justonic or LiveSynth and Alive or any other suggestion.

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