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ChaurASIA Jun 13, 2002 02:21 a.m.

I recently attended this little gig at a pub. Some random dude starting playing the flute(i think it's a flute..though the range was great) - he blew minds - mine mostly. A total *whump* right at my chest..he played from his heart. i love that shit. later found out his name, Rakesh Chaurasia. just wondering if he is in any way related to Pt. Hari P. C.. I got down home and downloaded the entire album 'Vira'(collab with Talvin Singh) from kazaa. this is what i love about kazaa. You get everything damn thing.
Re:ChaurASIA Jun 14, 2002 03:53 a.m.

Rakesh Chaurasia is HariPrasad's nephew and he does play the flute(and that's an understatement). I am one of the priviledged few who saw Chaurasia 1, Chaurasia 2 and Zakir Hussain live (individually) at the pittsburg univ. Somebody's got mp3s of those concerts at can check them out.
Trevor Spell
Re:ChaurASIA Jun 14, 2002 08:38 a.m.

hmm..doesn't kazaa have these spywares? aren't you scared of losing your privacy? There have been a lotta stuff being said about them you know...they got great downloads, true but you gotta give a part of yourself to get a good part of music..(which again is not a bad sacrifice).
Re:ChaurASIA Jun 15, 2002 12:59 a.m.

KaZaa, hmmm, and it's wonderful spyware. It's not really what you think. The spyware, according to sources, does not really go through your private info fed into your machine..apparently all it does it take down info while you browse the net and it monitors your interests thus sending you relevant pop-ups. I think. Chaurasia still rules all.
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