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STARFIRE'S grandaughter & dance VIDEOS Oct 24, 2001 07:18 p.m.

Hi STARFIRE and grandaughter !!! .... Sorry for my delay in answering your POST ..... great sharing .... one of the finest of the many Indian dance performances I have watched was performed by a dancer who had learned SOLELY from T.V. and videos ... so persevere with attempts to buy some cheap videos and videoed T.V. programs from the HINDU dancers and Mothers .... start with ONE style first (e.g. Bharata Natyam) and when g'daughter has mastered a good range of those movements and sequences look at some other styles .... Also contact Mother SITA devadassi of Budapest who POSTS on this BOARD .... She may have some suggestions .... Only last night I watched a beautiful performance by a duo of 8 yr. olds at the NAVARATRI festival .... there was certainly some past-life-experience in that performance .... Blessings
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