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sarod playing technique question Apr 30, 2001 04:45 a.m.

Dear all,

I am looking for information on
sarod playing.

I have heard, that the strings on a
sarod a stopped with the fingernails
rather than the tip of the fingers.
I understand, that this is essential
to produce a sustained sound on a fretless
fingerboard. However, I don't understand
how this is exactly done:

Do sarod players
necessarily have longer fingernails on
their left hand? This would make sarod
playing incompatible with playing western
plucked instruments like the guitar or lute,
in my opinion.
However I have heard of the sarod player
Ken Zuckerman, who is also a teacher of
lute at the schola cantorum basiliensis in

Can anybody help me to clarify things?



Re:sarod playing technique question May 13, 2001 02:04 a.m.

I'm not to sure, but on Buckinghams website I did notice the sarod player had very long fingernails.
The truth is not always beautiful,
nor beautiful words the truth. -Lao Tzu
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