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Scale changer harmoniums NOT recommended? Dec 03, 2003 02:55 a.m.


I've read a warning on this site regarding scale changer harmoniums. It says that the failure rate is high on these harmoniums. I do not own a scale changer harmonium. Does any one had any mechanical problem with their scale changer harmonium?


Keshav Das
Scale changer harmoniums NOT recommended? Dec 03, 2003 03:49 p.m.

The "problem" with scale-changers - is nothing to do with the design of scale-changers. The problem has to do with the fact that there are too many instrument builders that are willing to build harmoniums with green wood. This can be a problem in any harmonium - but it's a thousand time worse with scale-changers because of all the moving parts. I always hear from folks who have heard that scale-changers are unreliable - and it's always second-hand info passed on by someone who has been a victim of green-wood harmoniums. I have a J. Mondal & Co scale-changer that's been on the road with me many times and once even got dropped out of the back of my friends Kabir's station wagon at 15 MPH. It didn't look so pretty - but it still played and sound great. If you buy a scale-changer, get it from a reliable dealer and you should be alright.
hari bharath
Re:Scale changer harmoniums NOT recommended? Dec 08, 2003 04:16 a.m.

hi. i'm quite new here and i just joined. i've been playing harmonium for about 3 years and i have learned a great deal, though i haven't achieved a satisfactory level yet. as u asked , ariana, i can say that scale changer harmoniums r a bit problematic. however i find them extremely useful for bhajans and etc. recently a person i knew bought a harmonium, a scale changer one from bombay, for a price of RM 2000 (i'm based in malaysia and that's about Rs 22000) and i find the harmonium very comfortable to play on and i think i would last us quite long. i think if u r a non-versatile player like me, u would definitely need a scale changer harmonium (not forgetting the fact that practicing on a non-scale changer is equally as important; if not more) i think it would b ok for u, if u get a good one. hope my ideas r ok. thanks and looking forward to talk soon.
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