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Back from Sabbatical Oct 14, 2001 03:33 p.m.

A long journey through winding roads, hairpin turns, across deserts, over mountains, bridges over rivers ....meditating in the land of Saints, kicking butt in the lands of Terrorists...oh yes a quick dive down into that secret part of the Ganges where frownpowerhonkeyfoolSwami got sucked into by the power and fate of his bad karma where he and SwamiBabaSatyeswarananda were passing the chillum back and forth trying to keep it lit by the power of their Shakti and rather unsuccessfully, they were both frowning quite heavily... and Bin Laden says "and now thanks unto *GOD* that America has finally experienced one small degree of pain that We have had." Thanks unto GOD! His God, Our God, it's the same GOD!!! God graces him with the power to do incomprehensible acts of terror. And America must get even and drop endless streams of *Righteous* bombs...WHAT FOOLISHNESS!!! and so what is the karmic price to be paid by those responsible for these things... there isn't a form of payment in this world that justifies anything like genocide. These muslim fanatics think these acts of *Glory* takes them somewhere very high, but could that also be very low? Only God knows, and He DOES Know.

So what does it take to relieve the aura of boredom that pervades this place every time ya turn around? Like, do we have to become eccentric and say things off color or just something on subject(in proper form) or is the Harmonium the source of inspiration for just endless topics of interest to everybody everywhere? like, totally universal energy exuding from this little box!!! the whole world is shivering with excitement about it, they can't stop talking about it, i think it's become so popular i'm going to look for something more obscure!! But really, what does it take aside from jumping up and down like a fool, at which i've become so good at! Should we only talk about just music? What are the rules? are there any? okay okay so keep it this side of X-rated.... fun is always cool... abusive insults are not cool.... alright then it's about sharing and learning about new things, growing intellectually and spiritually... overall expansion, creating know when you surf the net endlessly looking for something that will turn your lights on but you never find it, you just keep getting more tired all the time, it's that dreaded grayness that sets in and nothing gets any better from one boring link to another....WELL NOW HERE IN THE HARMONIUM FORUM YOU'VE FINALLY FOUND THE PLACE WHERE YOU CAN KICK BACK RELAX AND HAVE FUN. yes everyone this is the place you've been looking for in the last 17 minutes. please admit that there has been nothing better for you in the last 17 minutes. have a nice day.

Re:Back from Sabbatical Oct 14, 2001 04:29 p.m.

Great you see you again richard, I am kicking back in the harmonium forum and relaxing for 17 minutes in your honor.
Re:Back from Sabbatical Oct 15, 2001 11:42 a.m.

Thanks Monk! and thanks for being here and also for your friendship.
Re:Back from Sabbatical Oct 15, 2001 12:24 p.m.

hi richard. i'm new to the forum. i look foward to knowing you.
Re:Back from Sabbatical Oct 15, 2001 04:51 p.m.

Exxxxcccellllennnttt Essay !!! .... Dr.RITCHARD Maharaj !! .... Enigmatic, provocative, and Zen-like .... Welcome back from your Sabbatical leave Sir !!! ..... Blesssssinggggssss HanumanBaba.
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