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Yahoo VOICE CHAT (Live Music Swapping) Sep 25, 2001 03:09 p.m.

Namaskarams ... HariBol !!! .... is anyone ... PANCHA TATTVA DAS ... yet able to access/ borrow a Microphone/ adaptor .... or suitable p.c. ... read my briefing regarding yahoo VOICE CHAT (for live music swapping) .... and participate in some direct Music INTERACTION ... For further Details/ Instructions I can advise quickly via email in the first instance .... Best regards
Re:Yahoo VOICE CHAT (Live Music Swapping) Sep 29, 2001 07:20 p.m.

Obeisances and Prostrations .... Sir ... HanumanBabaji !!! .... Thanks for your ongoing input, replies to questions, and acknowledgements .... and don't be "put off" by the generally "rude" manners on these BOARDS .... many of the people who use the BOARDS are good with computers but "light on" when it comes to courtesy ... and giving thanks when receiving answers for requested information .... It would appear there is still no interest or capability regarding the LIVE MUSIC SWAPPING .... Namaste !!!
Re:Yahoo VOICE CHAT (Live Music Swapping) Sep 30, 2001 01:03 p.m.

Dear HonkySwami,

Please tie a 100lb. SivaLingham stone to your Lotus feet and plunge into the Ganges, hopefully in the deepest part, and when you have emerged from your state of Samadhi, please come back and deliver some more insults upon us. Perhaps at that time you will be respeced even less here than you are now. Namaste oh great One of superior intelligence and wisdom.

Re:Yahoo VOICE CHAT (Live Music Swapping) Sep 30, 2001 04:51 p.m.

What is the purpose of this? i have gone from one end to the other on the net and seen the boards of Yogis and Saints as well as many other ones. I was a reluctant poster anywhere, i read the flamers in Alt.Yoga, Alt Yogananda, Alt Christianity, among others... what ia disgrace that is, full of strife, bickering and hate.

I am not going to have any part of a board that is a flame war.

This is a disgrace and i apologize for my part in this. i bow low to SitaDev, and i wave goodbye.........Peace Aloha Namaste.....

Re:Yahoo VOICE CHAT (Live Music Swapping) Oct 01, 2001 10:43 a.m.

Dear Everyone,

I love this board. I visit it almost every day. I was so proud that this harmonium forum seemed to be the second busiest one after the tabla forum. Should we be discouraged in changing useful suggestions, advices, and ideas just because of some malicious messages. I don't think so. As for my part, dear Honky Swamy you can put as many messages as you want. If you find delight in trying to make people irritated, try once please, what a greater delight is to make them cheerful and happy. I guarantee that you'll feel much better after.

So I hope we'll go on. You, too Richard.


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