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the Divine Lila Sep 13, 2001 05:24 p.m.

This is the Play of God. His creation, He plays all the parts. He is the good guy and the bad guy. He Gives man free will to make the choices and act as we choose. We make masterpieces of spectacular architecture with love and then destroy them with spectacular fireworks of hate.Yet it is us who makes the choice whether it be a grudge, or to let go of hostilities and Forgive.

We are caught in a karmic stream of hate, and now the whole planet is seemingly getting ready to explode. There is no end ever unless we decide to make it today. America is angry! And they say they will get even! That is so scary! Now we have seen something so awful done with incredible intelligence and skill, and they can do much much more. When will it end? The whole Planet will be embroiled in a never ending state of grudge against grudge. It will be all over the world ugliness just like it has been in the MidEast but now it is magnified. And God watches His play with unblinking eyes. He smiles with Lotus eyes of Omniscient knowledge the knower of All and tells us there is no death, that which Is can Never not be... yet this play is so real to us stuck in our physical bodies, so real in fact that we are blinded to the True Reality. To humans this play is way too real, but then it is not real at all. I know it is easy to make statements like this, but to endure the pain of this reality is dreadful.

This civilization is just one small one in the face of all time. There have been many over the milleniums that have had their apexs and subsequent cataclysms. When Mother Earth gets tired of supporting our petty ignorant arguments She merely sighs and shakes a little bit, sinks the civilization a few thousand feet under the crust of the surface and then it is hidden. What is under the Sahara Desert? Thank you for listening.

Re:the Divine Lila Sep 13, 2001 06:12 p.m.

Verrrrrrryyy verrrrryy well said Sri Dr RITCHARD Maharajji ..... The BELL on my serpentine TAIL rings RYTHMICALLY in acknowlegement .... Jai !! Jai!! Sharanam!! Sharanam!! MOTHER EARTH .... Condolences and Namaskarams .... HanumanBaba
Re:the Divine Lila Sep 13, 2001 07:28 p.m.

I was in New York last June and went to the World Trade Center. The plaza below was very beautiful and pristine with it's fountains and art and the many sophisticated and intelligent people walking around there, it was idyllic. So my friend and i stood in the long line downstairs to pay $13 for a round trip elevator ride. At the time i thought what a tourist trap this is....They took our picture on the bottom in order to sell it to us on the top. I was feeling like not in the mood and a little childish, not so interested in being a part of their tourist market, so i sat in Lotus posture just for fun next to my friend, and the photo only had me from the forehead up , i was a little too low and the foto guy too inflexible... and i didn't buy the picture, now i wish i did...actually in NYC i got tired of spending money very fast... i was wanting to take some of my own pics up on top of that sectacular view, and when we got out of the elevator my friend burst out laughing! because we were enveloped in the middle of a cloud and you could see absolutely nothing! i didn't even take 1 photo. Well, with what's happened that makes that simple visit more meaningful to have been in the very space where this tragedy took place, and also to realize that there were also many unacounted-for tourists just as i or you could have been there at the wrong time, and they experienced what i cannot begin to imagine in that place at that height, and to go through this experience of terror to have their bodies burned and crushed. What could that final moment have been like? And how can anyone even know who those people were? They were just passing through...
Re:the Divine Lila Sep 13, 2001 08:42 p.m.

very well said. I enjoyed reading and agree.
Re:the Divine Lila Sep 14, 2001 01:43 a.m.


Your message is very soul-touching and intelligent as ever. Unfortunately we, the individuals are not asked if we want to forgive or go on with the hatred.
However, this is not a political forum, but a harmonium forum. What can we harmonium players do to strengthen positive energies and vibrations that are vital today? Chant, of course. Chant with devotion and love and continue to plant devotion and love in the heart of others. Then we can hope that things of this kind will not repeat. "Positive always overcomes negative" - this is what my Master, Swami Sivananda taught, this is the eternal law of the Universe. Let's hope in it. Let's work for it!


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