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Buddhist chants, poems, and songs ..... Jul 22, 2001 05:54 p.m.

BuddhistMonk! .... can be very simply and nicely accompanied by two or three right-hand chords ... ALL! ... Can anyone suggest a good VOICEMAIL that can be used with this site for CONFERENCES and DEMONSTRATIONS ? .... Namaskarams ...Hanuman
Re:Buddhist chants, poems, and songs ..... Aug 05, 2001 02:59 a.m.

Obeisances and prostrations Hanumanji .... BUDDHAM SHARANAM GATCHAMI ... It seems BuddhistMonk is not interested in reponding to your message ...Buddhist chants, poems, and songs .... but your suggestions are CERTAINLY helping me to better manage my sometimes ANGRY,VOLATILE,and MISCHIEVOUS nature ... SO MANY THANKS .... AAAAAHHH !! What a wooonderrrrfuuuul jooooyyy the HARMONIUM is .... If I may ask SIR What do you do with your TAIL when you are playing harmonium ...In regard to the VOICECHAT for directly swapping IDEAS, SONGS, and CONFERENCING .... Perhaps you should seek COMMENT specifically from DR. RITCHARD Maharaj .... or Mother SITA Maharani ... they seem courteous, learned, and helpful ... Most of the Yahoo boards have VOICECHAT .... It is just a matter of the chatters having MICROPHONES .... THANKS AGAIN SIR ... HARI OM ... and NAMASKARAMS
Re:Buddhist chants, poems, and songs ..... Aug 05, 2001 12:13 p.m.

If you download AOL Instant Messengar it has a voice chat feature. You have to have a mic that hooks into your computer. I dont have one, but I could get one, they do not cost very much.
Re:Buddhist chants, poems, and songs ..... Aug 07, 2001 07:05 p.m.

Thanks !!! ... and Namaskarams !! Swamyfrownpowerhonkyhuh and BuddhistMonk .... Buddham Sharanam Gatchami !!! ... I think the easiest way ... (since their does not appear to be a LIVE CHAT facility associated with this board).... is through the readily joined / accessed Yahoo Clubs (e.g. Saibabadiscussionclub or Buskers).... CUEING/COORDINATING the time/session using their LIVE CHAT facility and a Greenwich Mean TIME to confirm / finalise VOICE contact ... to avoid "talking to thin-air" or faulty microphone confusion .... Any suggestion and comment WELCOME .... I am looking foward to sharing some Items ... PARTICULARLY about RAMA/SITA and of a devotional nature ... I will put a message on the ADJACENT board about this POSSIBILITY ... Sri Ram Sharanam, Sharanam Sri Rama ...
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