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Jawari May 26, 2004 03:46 a.m.

The jawari on my bridge seems to have gone. I've never had to deal with this issue before. Can I fire a couple questions at those with more expertise tham me?

1. How long should the jawari last if the instrument is used for about an hour a day?
2. The jawari still sounds fine from the low tivra ma up to ni below middle sa, but is completely flat from sa upwards. Is this the typical profile of a jawari that needs re-doing?
3. I moved the ma string into the second notch on the bridge expecting the jawari to return, but it sounded equally flat in the second notch. This surprised me. Is it possible that the problem in something other than jawari, or could it be that after several weeks of intense playing I have worn the jawari down so much that even the second notch won't work.
4. I noticed last week that my teacher uses a plastic bridge, which I imagine must be for a longer-lasting jawari. Another player in the class has ebony. What are the pluses and minuses of different materials for the bridge?

ok - that's enough for now. Thanks in advance for your views on this topic.


Re:Jawari May 26, 2004 05:25 a.m.

Hi Jerry and all!

This one has loads and Loades of info in the archive.
Do a search and you will find heeps of vvvaluable info on Jawari in general, shaping, sound, placement and material.

There is no timelimit to how long a jawari will last, it will never last forever and its not a permanent fix. it all depends on how much you play, the the quality and material of your bridge, tuning (pressure from the strings), playing style etc.

some weeks sounds like a very short time to wear down the thing, remember that many serious students put down 8-10 hrs+ a day pulling that string and as far as i know they dont get their jawari done every tuesday, but perhaps they do : )

The only thing i can think of if it doesnt look like the jawari is worn down, is that the bridge it self may have moved a little.
Only minor movement to the bridge will send your jawari out on a loop. Dont start moving that thing around if you dont feel like spending some time finding the exact placement for it.
And before you start doing anything with the bridge at all, be sure that you have identified your/the bridges problem.

Since you have a teacher why dont you let him give you the jawari rap or at least inspect the instrument and give you some jawari feedback?

Anyway, i like to repeat my self. Search the archive and ask your teacher...

Best of luck

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