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Roop Verma Nada Yoga in Norway Apr 15, 2004 04:40 p.m.

Hello all!

Finally something is happening just outside my front door : )
Roop Verma is giving a weekend seminar in Nada Yoga (Nada = sound) He will be playing different ragas and give instructions to those attending. I did this last year and it is the closest i have ever come to showering my inside. The weekend will be held in total silence, frequent yoga programs and a LOT of music. Im going to play tampura on a consert tomorrow and during the seminar.

I was practising with Roop too day and had the honour of seeing him shape his jawari.

For info on Roop Verma and Nada Yoga please take a look at There is going to be a 2 week class in sitar (and other instrumants) at upper Catskill Mountain Region in New York State (where ever that might be : )Im thinking of trating my self a trip to the US, it sounds very good (the 2 week clas) so i have to think this over in a very serious way.

hava a nice weekend


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