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More Sitar Help Feb 19, 2004 05:15 p.m.

I am still trying to find a good cheap sitar that I can learn on. I recently found 2 (what seems to be) brand new clean sitars for sale on ebay.

Are these cheap knock-off sitars? or is it a good deal? the price sounds almost too good to be true to me but I would like your opinions. thanks

Re:More Sitar Help Feb 19, 2004 06:12 p.m.

Hey Blake,

I bought one of those as a first instrument. They're definitely cheap, but if you play seriously for more that a few months you'll quickly realize the limitations and want something better.

If you're anywhere near Iowa, let me know (I'd prefer not to ship) - I'd be willing to part with my old one for a good price, if you really want something like that.

Re:More Sitar Help Feb 19, 2004 06:15 p.m.

Don't do it.
Save up some more cash and get a sitar from AACM, Buckingham Music or Sitars Etc. I'm quite sure these sellers stand behind their instruments and will make sure its set up properly for you.
I have the same exact sitar shown on the first link you stuck in your post. Though, I think the one I have is OK for a beginner I think I just got lucky. And,,, I paid over twice the price shown on the e-bay link,,, thanks to my local scumbag music store dealer who ordered it for me.
I only wish I had known about the "real" sitar dealers before I spent A-LOT of $$$$ on my first couple of sitars.
In my honest opinion figure on spending around $500 or $600 bucks on your first sitar. Get something half way decent and you'll save yourself misery, disgust then anger. PLUS you wont feel like you've been ripped off when you upgrade to a higher end instrument.
So go through the forum post and you'll see who sells the good stuff and who sells the crap,,,,,, and there is alot of crap out there.

Good luck!

Re:More Sitar Help Feb 19, 2004 06:22 p.m.

Whoops! I'm not saying Matt is gonna rip you off, I just made a post right when he did.

Matt, my posting has nothing to do with your post.
Re:More Sitar Help Feb 19, 2004 07:12 p.m.

No harm done, Jeff!

Blake, I payed $400 for my cheapo. I'll probably sell it at a garage sale this summer for $50 or so - it might look nice hanging on someone's wall.

Re:More Sitar Help Feb 20, 2004 10:49 a.m.

Stay away from E-bay! I bought my first sitar there and it was not a good instrument. It has become a decoration piece in my music room.

Highly recommend sitars etc.

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