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Raag Bageshree Feb 10, 2004 09:59 p.m.

Anyone familiar with this one? After being exposed to Bhupali and Yaman, I've decided to focus on this as my first raag during my lessons - I think it's beautiful.

Ascent: D n S g M D n S
Descent: S n D M g R S

Pa is only used in descent, and rarely at that.

There are some great recordings of this raag - I have a copy of an Amjad Ali Khan disc (sarod - my teacher's guru), and recently purchased a Nikhil Banerjee performance. NB fans, you gotta check this one out!

Re:Raag Bageshree Feb 12, 2004 02:28 p.m.

Very pretty raag - in fact it is my most favourite Raag. Whenever I hear Bageshree it lingers in my mind for hours. Even though Pa is rarely used, the combination mPDm gives very special effect to the Raaga. I feel this raag is very well suited to express deepest feelings.
Many devotional compositions are based on this Raag.

When I do Aaroha Avaroha, I go like this -

n S g m D n S
S n D m P D m g R S

If you want to play it to Teel taal omit the first n

Enjoy .....


Re:Raag Bageshree Feb 12, 2004 06:03 p.m.

You're absolutely right - the Pa is like a release of tension.
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