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Markham Roy Sitars? Feb 07, 2004 08:46 a.m.

Hi, I need your help. Somebody over here mentioned he/she has an old Markham Roy Sitar from Calcutta. Seems to be an old maker. Now theres a chance to buy an instrument from said maker over here in Europe, double toomba, brown, simple deco. Are Markhams good? Thanks!
Re:Markham Roy Sitars? Feb 07, 2004 07:57 p.m.

The Sitar maker Makhan LAL ROY from Calcutta made some very nice Instruments, but like anyother maker, there were some that weren't that good, if you know someone who knows about sitars, get them to look at it.If not there are few things that you can Look for. The wooden part of the sitar must be inspected very closely for any cracks. If you find any, I'd start talking them down in price.Then inspect the gourd for any cracks, here again you can start talking down the price. Tell them that no one would give you that price for this, then go from there.......Peace
Re:Markham Roy Sitars? Feb 08, 2004 08:49 a.m.

Thanks - yeah, that Sitar seems to have a crack in the gourd and also wasnt played for a long time. It is on ebay:
It doesnt look too bad.
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