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Not to see my name posted
Taking my ball and going home Dec 03, 2003 11:47 a.m.


Well, I usually hate those dramatic announcements people make when they are angry and decide to leave an online community, to me it would be better to quietly go away; but I am a bit hurt, and I guess I need to vent.

I'm sorry that I don't know a lot about sitars; I want to continue learning. But I happen to like all aspects of ICM and especially all stringed instruments, and have enjoyed participating here so much, that when things slow down, and nothing's been posted for a day or two, I try to think up something to post, whether its about sitars or more likely something off-topic.

I've been told that it appears that I just want to see my name or break a record for the most posts. Huh? This came after I hadn't even posted anything at all for over a week. Yeah, I love to participate, but being told that since I joined in, that the forum has "gone to hell" really hurts. I hope the person that told me that rethinks this a little. If the forum went to hell, it was on its way already.

"Slow down a bit before you wear out your welcome." Done. I think from this person's message I had already worn out my welcome.

Look for me elsewhere. Somewhere more welcoming to anyone, no matter their experience.

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