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Fishing Line Dec 14, 2003 06:11 p.m.

What, if anything does it say about quality if an ~ 20 year old sitar has all of the frets tied on with nylon fishing line. Is that a sign of a 2nd or 3rd tier instrument? Or does it not mean anything?
Re:kalakendar sitar on ebay ?! Dec 03, 2003 03:32 p.m.

Some people have raised issues with the product that is being offered for sale on

Generally, I make it a rule not to get involved with public forums. However, when there is a personal attack or when there is non-constructive criticism aimed at an individual, I simply cannot sit back.

The sitar that is in question is not one of our products nor was it sold to this particular individual. This instrument is limited production, we receive 1 sitar per month from the maker, and are generally sold in advance. This person has copied the picture & text off our website and as you can see and has made some errors.

The 13 tarb strings was an oversight posted by our Webmaster, and has since then been corrected.

FYI: The sound of this particular instrument is amazing, mainly because we are not adding layers of paint and French polish to muffle the sound as traditional sitars are made. Sound file for this instrument will be up soon!

Re:Fishing Line Dec 15, 2003 08:06 a.m.

Depends. The line doesnt tell you about the fish:-) Cheaper models are more often equipped with fishing line ... but line doesnt always say Mango wood. Photos?
Re:Fishing Line Dec 17, 2003 08:44 p.m.

Fishing line is also used when the silk on a Sitar just falls apart from age, For those of you who have heard of Tony Karasek, He's redone a few of Ravi's Sitars. He uses fishing line, I've seen it on a few of his Hiren Roy's. It is easier to find than Silk. I've tied About seven Sitars, And the Fishing line holds real well.........................Peace
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