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Some perfect instruments for sale..... Jul 29, 2003 10:21 p.m.

Hi, I know everyone here is more interested in sitar, so I decided maybe someone would be interested in the instruments I have availble (including sitar). However, I am moving to India in a year or so to study with Ustad Asad Ali Khan, and have decided to sell the bulk of my collection to anyone interested. I have available a Kanai Lal SurBahar, Kanai Lal Vichitra Veena, Kanai Lal Sitar, Hemen SurSringar, Masterpiece Rikhi Ram Sarangi, Naskar Master Sitar, Naskar Sarod, and a lot of smaller stuff too.
Also about the perfect sitar, Raviji's instruments are very heavy, and no longer responsive like they used to be, and his Rikhi Ram one are of course crap. The best sitar is not a matter of a standard, but of an opinion. For me I always am looking for rudra veena, and I always look for Kanai Lal instruments, but even then, Murari made some good binas, and some bad ones.
Contact me if you are interested in any of the instruments.....


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