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Pajama clad sitar makers Jul 06, 2003 11:26 a.m.

On an off / quirky topic...what's the deal with these sitar makers all going to work in their 1970's pajama bottoms?

Re:Pajama clad sitar makers Jul 06, 2003 12:40 p.m.

Standard dress for that area. Remember, the word "pajama" origionates from India. These guys are just dressing for comfort. Go to J C Penney's and grab a pair and discover for yourself that they are probably the most comfortable pants you can wear while sitting in a half lotus, playing any of the long lutes of India.
Re:Pajama clad sitar makers Jul 06, 2003 07:09 p.m.

Yes, pyjams from India are very comfortable. If you're looking for something that can withstand daily wear, I recommend you check out "Nights in White Cotton" at

I have a few sets, and wear them all the time when home. I find they wear much better than anything I've gotten from India or Nepal. A bit pricier than most pajamas, but worth it.

Billy Enigmar Godfrey
Re:Pajama clad sitar makers Jul 06, 2003 07:35 p.m.

Jette, actually what they're wearing I think is a piece of fabric stitched together like a big loop. In Indonesia they call them a 'Sarong', I lived there as a kid and we wore them all the time, kind of like wrapping a very large towel around you, very comfortable though....


Re:Pajama clad sitar makers Jul 06, 2003 07:44 p.m.

Oh wow, I'll never be able to listen to the Moody Blues the same way again!

The kurta/pyjama combo is traditional in that part of the world, thousands of years years old. And very comfortable. Does tend to look a little odd on a westerner though. Kind of like Mr. Spock in Star Trek IV. Uh oh, geek alarm went off!

Re:Pajama clad sitar makers Jul 07, 2003 10:20 a.m.

In south India its called a Longi. Same thing as a sarong only smaller. Again super comfortable, and really flexible. I wear one when the climate reminds me of summer. If the longi looks big on pictures its moste likely a not so big Indian wearing it.

As everybody else is claiming, its really comfortable for playing sitar.


Re:Pajama clad sitar makers Jul 07, 2003 12:29 p.m.

Hey Everyone,

The thing they're wearing is called a lungi, everyone in india wears one and its great for indian sting instruments actually my teacher even wears one when he plays as long as he isn't preforming. I'm from north india and even there all my cousins and uncles wear it. (i live in canada now). Hope that gives some more info

Re:Pajama clad sitar makers Jul 07, 2003 03:50 p.m.

Hmmmm....I dunno? I still think they're 70's plaid P.J.'s from JC penney or Sears


Re:Pajama clad sitar makers Jul 07, 2003 06:39 p.m.

J.C. Pennys. Oh well, price is right. Seventies huh? Wonder if they come in plaid bell bottoms too....far out.
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