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Right hand pain Jul 05, 2003 10:34 a.m.

Here's a weird one: since I restarted sitar practice 2 mos. ago (about an hour a day), I've noticed that the edge of my right hand-below the pinky finger-has started to hurt. It's not bad, unless someone shakes my hand or I hit it on something: then the pain is really bad!!!

I've played fingerstyle guitar for 15 yrs., w/ no problems,so I think my hands are fairly strong. Any advice out there???



PS: I'm right-handed (mizrab on the right hand); also, for the first 4 yrs. of sitar, I plucked the strings w/ my right index finger only. My teacher started me on the correct style (moving the entire hand) and that's when the pain started. Weird, huh?

Re:Right hand pain Jul 05, 2003 06:32 p.m.

I was taught to slightly angle my wrist towards the main tumba, and also tilt the plane on my hand about 20 degrees up. I had similar problems for a while. I think its from stretching the tendons in a way you're not used to. It will go away in time.
Re:Right hand pain Jul 05, 2003 07:18 p.m.


I was getting kind of worried......not that I'm not still concerned, but knowing that it's not just myself (and that it can be overcome) helps.

Again, thanks.


Re:Right hand pain Jul 06, 2003 07:19 a.m.

Hi Danimal,
Just wandering: are you a tall guy? I'm 1.96 and usually Indian people are a tad smaller. I had to compensate my posture a little to sit comfortably (especially righthand/arm position)with my sitar. In the past I had serious (read SERIOUS) problems playing my Chapman Stick (learned a wrong unrelaxed posture while playing) and ended up with RSI for 2 years. Nearly had to stop playing. So I made sure I was playing in the right position when I took up sitar. My teacher also watched my breathing. I have the tendency to hold my breath when playing faster tanas. Result: less oxygen in your blood, and you muscles start to cramp up easier. Hope this helps. Also beware not to lift up your shoulders when playing, this also causes strain on your wrists.



Re:Right hand pain Jul 06, 2003 08:07 a.m.

Well, I'm only 1.78, so I wouldn't say I'm especially tall. I do hunch my shoulders, though.....looks like I need to pay more attention to my upper-body posture. The half-lotus sitting position comes pretty easily to me so I haven't really paid attention to my posture at all!

Thanks for the tips,


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