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G. ROSUL Sitars May 20, 2003 11:35 a.m.

Is anyone familiar with the G. ROSUL sitars? Is there any relationship to the RKS sitars? I'd appreciate your feedback. Thanks.
Re:G. ROSUL Sitars May 20, 2003 07:12 p.m.

Well , I'll amke this easy for ya. This is from a 12/29/02 thread...

Hello, I just got a G.Rosul sitar Does anyone know any history about these sitars? The head plate says "G.Rosul" "Baikhali,Uluberia Howrah". It seems like a decent sitar,needs some jawari work though. Tone not as good as my Mangla rose petal but its ok.Once I get around to the jawari work it might improve. One of the tarb pegs needs to be replaced also. Any info would be welcomed, thanky!
Jeffrey R King

Hi Jeff.......have never heard of that name before.....?

Name indicates a Calcutta maker. But there are quite a few makers in Calcutta...for that matter any major musical city (Delhi, Bombay, Miraj, Pune). Am not familiar with the maker though.

Hello, I just got a sitar. Yippee! The name says "Sur Shilpi / bacca". Any info would be welcome. Does anyone know any history about this sitar? Thanks

Correction, it says "Sur Shilpi / Dacca".

Well, there's another one I've never heard of but I know there are many many makers of instruments most of whom we'll never know. Since it says 'Dacca' on the name, perhaps we could safely assume it's made in Bangladesh?

Re:G. ROSUL Sitars May 22, 2003 06:07 p.m.

Hi Neal,
Thanks for the prompt reply. I've got one of the ROSUL's and it sounds decent as Jeff mentions in his posting. I'm relatively new to the Sitar and new to this board. There is a lot of useful information on this board and a lot of my questions have been answered while browsing through the various postings. Thanks to all those who have contributed to making this board a veritable gold mine of information.
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