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Kartik Seshadri in concert Mar 03, 2003 05:50 p.m.

Hi All: The drop-down field, to select the date, is not working on the "Performances and Workshops" page, so I thought I'd post this here. Anybody interested in hooking up before the Fri. night concert, email me at

Kartik Seshadri & Arup Chatterjee Concert and master classes.
Pomona College, Claremont, CA.

March 6 & 7

Thurs. March 6
11:00 a.m., public lecture-demo on relationship
between raga and tala, Lyman
Auditorium in Thatcher Music Building, Pomona College
(Kartik and Arup)

2:45 p.m., master class for music students on
Hindustani music, Thatcher
Music Building, classroom 210 (Kartik)

Friday, March 7

1:30 p.m., master class for percussion students on
tala, Lyman Auditorium in
Thatcher Music Building (Arup)

8:00 p.m., public concert of Hindustani music, Mabel
Shaw Bridges Hall of
Music, Pomona College (Kartik and Arup)

Re:Kartik Seshadri in concert Mar 04, 2003 08:50 p.m.

Saw him last winter in Cambridge. Was perhaps the best ICM (sitar) recital I ever saw. The Q&A with the tabla player was electrifying. I would travel to see him again. If you ever want to introduce someone to ICM - this is the show to do it with. Neal
Re:Kartik Seshadri in concert Apr 02, 2003 10:07 p.m.

Yeah, I saw Kartik at the Resurrection Church in Santa Cruz last year. It was a beautiful concert. He played four awesome ragas. The last one seemed to lift me in the air with its grace and beauty. Also, the tabla player, Arup Chattopadhyay, was really good as well. Kartik has a very nice fine-toned, magical sound to his sitar, if you know what I mean. I would definitely see him again in concert. I have all three of his CD's, and they are amazing!
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