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The main sitar string(ma) Feb 25, 2003 07:16 p.m.

Hello everyone,

Is Rosleau (German) # 3 is the best main string to use for sitar Or are there any better quality Ma string than Rosleau??

Thanks in advance, kalpit

Re:The main sitar string(ma) Feb 26, 2003 12:21 p.m.

The term "better" is not of much use. No two people define it the same way. It comes down to what you prefer. Roselau is consistantly "better" than generics. But, you can cryogenically treat generics, and they sound good too. Maybe try those and see if you notice a difference(sold thru sites like AACM or Silverbush).
Re:The main sitar string(ma) Feb 26, 2003 07:26 p.m.

Hi, Roselau is generally 'better' and preferred by many. There are different types of wire from Roselau can get their standard wire through
Pyramid strings are made by Roselau also but formulated from different alloys and are much better in my opinion. You can find them on my site and others, I also have MA wire only from Pyramid.....


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