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Sruti artcile on Halim Jaffer Khan Sep 15, 2002 10:01 p.m.

Many people in this generation may not be aware of this sitarist. He was/is a unique influence on sitar styles.

If the kathak tour with tabla player Ramdas Palsule is in your area, you may want the sitar player (who learnt from Khan and Shahid Parvez) with the troupe demo Jaffer Khan's compositions. It is something different.

Sept.21 - Norfolk
Sept.22 - Raleigh
Sept.27 - Blacksburg,VA
Sept.28 - Clemson,SC
29 - Knoxville
Oct.4 - Calgary,Canada
5 - Saskatoon,Canada
Oct.11 - Phoenix
12 - Portland
13 - Seattle
Oct.19 - Hartford
20 - Rochester
Oct.25 - Ithaca,NY
27 - Thunder Bay,Canada
Nov.1 - Urbana.IL
2- Ames.Iowa
3 - South Bend,IN
Nov.8 - Salt Lake City
10 - Bay Area (Not yet confirmed)
Nov.15 - Pittsburgh
16- Pittsburgh
17 - Tampa

Re:Sruti artcile on Halim Jaffer Khan Sep 15, 2002 10:26 p.m.

Hey Amitava.....
Do you have the book by Jaffer Khan? Has a CD-rom, very well done....
Who is the sitarist that is touring? I see they'll be near me.....


Re:Sruti artcile on Halim Jaffer Khan Sep 19, 2002 07:39 p.m.

Don't know how I missed this - its Russ's fault. Sorry about the delayed reply. Yes I have the book. A lot of the book is fluff in my opinion. It really does not discuss the baaj. The CD is better.

But I found the interaction with the sitarist quite educational. It brought to light the baaj aspects quickly. By itself, most of the techniques are common place. But the manner in which they are combined - does definitely give a unique flavor.

Sitarist's URL Let me know (send personal email) if you cannot find the event details. It should be well publicized.

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