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Concert for Peter? Aug 13, 2002 07:45 p.m.

Anyone down in Austin thought about putting on a concert with his students and local players in memory of our good friend? Id at least try to travel down and see it.
Re:Concert for Peter? Aug 14, 2002 06:26 a.m.

Hey, if everyone could dig up access to some kind of recording devise we could do a compilation CD. I've been looking for a music shop locally that would rent me a digital portastudio (can't come up with the 3 G's for my own). I did some stuff last year with the Tascam and fell in love with it. Many of these devices can now master analog to digital, so if one of you guys are holding (one of these studios) perhaps we could take even recording on cassette and do something with it. Or perhaps a jugalbandi of the "Manglers" doing a few "Them" covers.
Just thinking out loud.
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