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sitar and tanpura repair?? Aug 08, 2002 02:08 p.m.

Is it poissible to fix if i got cracks in the pumkin?? Glue? Will it sound ok after the fix in that case?


Re:sitar and tanpura repair?? Aug 08, 2002 07:31 p.m.

Hi Alfredo,
Try and follow the links to sitar repair there are instructions there. If they are simple cracks then you can glue them, if pieces are broken off you will have to glue them but have tension on the gourd as it drys or else the sound won't be as good......check out that link


Re:sitar and tanpura repair?? Aug 09, 2002 10:54 a.m.

There is also some good information on crack repair in the book "The Violin Owners Manual". This book can be found in a lot of libraries.
Re:sitar and tanpura repair?? Sep 09, 2002 08:01 p.m.

I guess this question falls under sitar repair. I'm thinking of upgrading my older no name sitar with better main string pegs.Are all sitar pegs universal ? Or do I have to get a reamer and peg shaper? Also with a new bone nut, are they shaped and carved already? Or is this something I have to do myself. Since I build mountain dulcimers for a hobby I have some woodworking and carving skills but Ive never carved bone before ~~~~~~~
Jeffrey R King
Re:sitar and tanpura repair?? Sep 09, 2002 09:58 p.m.

Hey Jeff;
I tried the same exercise with a peg exchange a few years ago with no luck. When they say hand made, they mean it. But if you don't mind a little woodworking, try it. With a bone nut (the one without fancy carving), you might have more luck as I think they're more standardized. Try the silverbush site. Just make sure the width is the same.
Re:sitar and tanpura repair?? Sep 13, 2002 07:27 p.m.

If you buy sitar pegs, you'll find that you must measure them with one of the old pegs. After you cut it to size ,then you must ether use a file to shape it to the right size . Impotant that you don't change the size of the holes where the peg inserts, for this will weakin the neck. file little bits at a time. I you have a belt sander you can perform this job in a shorter time. I will send you more info on a place that sells pegs on line at a great price. I've done a few peg replacements, and it is time consuming when done right. You end up with a broken out peg hole if not done right...........Peace
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