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rust on the fret Aug 04, 2002 11:46 a.m.

hello guys
i want to ask you if you know how to pull out the rust from the metal frets
it becomes green\yellow color
and i try to clean it with rag but it seems not possibale to remove it , my sitar is new and part of the fret is shining and in the middle it looks like its old ant not shining
what can i do?
thanks alot
Re:rust on the fret Aug 05, 2002 03:36 a.m.

Hi Sun,
#0000 steel wool will work.......unless the frets are not good....what kind of sitar is it?


Re:rust on the fret Aug 05, 2002 04:56 a.m.

hi lars
how are you?
my sitar is thick wood ravi shankar style [ its from varanci india ] nice sound but i put it in a box and didnt touch it for few weeks
my fret should be in a good shape but somehow they are not
what can i do to fix it [ beforei will try to replace them]
thank you
Re:rust on the fret Aug 11, 2002 07:40 p.m.

I've found that a good polishing paper , I'm not sure what different types there are, but 3m makes a good 4/0 emery paper that I've been using for 10yrs now that works very well. You should try to use a dry soft cloth to wipe the frets as often as possible, because the sweat & acids in your fingers cause the problem that you've discribed........peace
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