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Fret cleaning May 24, 2002 05:53 p.m.

Hi everyone,
I've got some questions regard cleaning and maintenance. I got my sitar about half a year ago and am wondering when to change the strings. I notice I go easies out of tune lately. I have to say I'm practicing meend-exercises a lot lately, so..... What the usual string life. I'm also curious how to get rid of this gunk on my frets.



Laughing Bhudda
Re:Fret cleaning May 24, 2002 09:24 p.m.

Hi Remco 0000 steel wool does a good job for me on the frets and Scotch Brite fine (reddish brown color) on the strings.
I cut a piece about 1" wide off the end of the Scotch Brite, slacken a string off and wrap a corner of it round the string. Holding the Scotch Brite between thumb and forefinger I put half a twist on it then rub it up and down the string being careful to make sure I get over both bridges, upper and lower, without scratching the bridges themselves. This way the whole speaking length of the string is cleaned up and the jawari stays unmarked.
Generally I put a finger of the other hand on the string as I rub it as this dampens the squealing sound that sets people's teeth on edge.
O'course you could always not bother with this and buy some new strings from me (huge dealer's S-E grin).
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