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OT - The Ageing Process Apr 08, 2002 02:30 a.m.

Today I am 40. How did that happen while I wasn't looking?
I'm going to play my sitar until bedtime and forget...
Re:OT - The Ageing Process Apr 08, 2002 06:24 a.m.

Hi Jerry,
That's nothing Jer, just the other day I remember I was 28, now I'm 55. Enjoy every minute while you can as everything changes very rapidly. After 40 a week seems like a day, a month seems like a week and years start to fly by. Remember high school? On Monday Friday would seem like an eternity away, now you will wonder where Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday went as the week now seems to consist merely of Monday and Friday.
Play as much as possible it's the only way to forget your age, ha! Music is the best way to beat senility which is just around the corner. Say, is today Monday or Friday?
Re:OT - The Ageing Process Apr 08, 2002 09:48 a.m.

I heard that. I wouldn't mind being 40 again. I was still at the top of my game in those days, not anymore. Things begin to change after 40...I won't bug you with details Jerry! Around 41 is when I decided go go back and pick up my old sitar and get back into it again after being gone for so many years. Gives me a lot of balance these days. Today is Monday...or is it Friday? I don't know anymore. Let me check my calendar, if I can find it........
Re:OT - The Ageing Process Apr 08, 2002 01:21 p.m.

Thanks guys
I don't know if it's Monday or Friday but people keep telling me it's the first day of the rest of my life. Maybe I'll be like the Queen Mother in which case I'm not even half way through. Come to think of it, I think she played a Mangla herself. There's hope for us all.
Now where's that glass of wine gone?
Take care y'all.
Re:OT - The Ageing Process Apr 09, 2002 08:36 a.m.

Sorry guys to stick my nose into sitar players' affair, but I really like this topic and conversation. Congratulation Jerry for your "positive thinking"!

Please go makes me smile every day.

Best Wishes to all the ever-young sitar players

P.S. Today is Tuesday....:o))

Re:OT - The Ageing Process Apr 09, 2002 10:08 a.m.

Hi Sita. No problem, these forums are open to all. Actually, most sitarists would agree that like fine wine, your playing gets better over time. So, the older you get,the better you get. How's that for optimism? Found my calendar....Tuesday it is!
Re:OT - The Ageing Process Apr 10, 2002 05:47 a.m.

"How's that for optimism?" - mark A!

Smiles on a snowy WEDNESDAY....


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