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sitar kind Nov 26, 2001 06:02 p.m.

hello to you all
does any one heard about sitar made of teack wood , rose style
and brize with dearhorn
i can buy this kind of sitar and i want to know if its good one
i have been told thats its for pro. players
i will realy thank you
and i need to know prices also
thanks alot
Re:sitar kind Nov 30, 2001 01:21 a.m.

Hi Sun,
I have a teak sitar and like it very's made by Mangla Prasad Sharma....cost is about $1500 US with regular case. Not sure about "Rose" design but there are some for sale at now and then. Also the bridges on most sitars are made from deerhorn. Maybe you could tell us what kind of sitar you can get, who makes it, etc. and then you could get a few more opinions........?? And yes, Peter, you're welcome for the shameless plug!! Heh heh!!
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