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Sitar Jun 07, 2001 10:14 p.m.

How do I contact you? I live in Montclair, 07042
Re:Sitar Jun 13, 2001 03:29 p.m.

hi adelphus, i am getting on in years, but am still keen to learn another instrument. i have a sitar of good quality and have been messing with it for about a year now or more, i have no teacher, just a musical background and access to a sikh temple although i am a gentile by birth. i am out on a limb here on the east coast of britain as there is no-one near me who is in the least bit interested in my tastes, they only want me for drums or guitar for their band or whatever and i have done all that really. i may be of no interest to you as i cannot really help you with info, but, its kind of nice to yak with people of a similar genre (is that the right word ?) maybe or maybe not,
are you an expert ?
is it your real name ?
am i being stupid ?
what is the meaning of file ?
does my bum look big when i play the sitar ?
all these questions and more at :

quote]Adelphus (Jun 07, 2001 10:14 p.m.):
How do I contact you? I live in Montclair, 07042[/quote]

Re:Sitar Jun 13, 2001 04:56 p.m.

hey, i see ur in britain. i live near leicester. i play sitar along with quite a few others-keyboard, drums, guitar, tabla, congos etc. i'm only 14, but i have a lot of knowledge of eastern and western music. i agree with u, about it being nice to talk to other people interested in the same music as we are!!! because of my young age, no1 that i know well is interested. i have many older musician friends, and many have albums out, but it is very hard finding people that take me seriously. they think 'oh, he's only a kid, what does he know?'. this is the first time i have posted, but i have been reading this forum for a few months now. there are quite a few people joining it, and i thought it would be very insteresting to join in! another thing, seeing as this is the sitar forum. yesterday when i opened my sitar case, (after two days), i was horrified. the gourd had a 10 inch crack along it. i was really upset and mad. i take lessons at my school, and i realised that some1 must have kicked it. so some advise for any of u that take ur sitar awat from ur homes. get a very good quality fibre glass case, or something alike. they can be pricey, but it will save ur sitar getting damaged. and it is so upsetting opening up ur case to find a crack on ur beloved instrument. any1 interested in talking, then reply
luv alwayz
Re:Sitar Jun 17, 2001 12:10 p.m.

I too am from an area where indian music interests are very low. I'm going to be studying tabla as soon as I order some. I live in the USA in oklahoma. I have got a few of my friends listening to indian classical, but only one other guy I know has a serious interest. I used to want to study the sitar also, but I am a very serious student of guitar. So I started learning a little Indian slide guitar, and decided on tablas. I know the feeling about the bad feelings of getting your instrument damaged, once I had an acoustic guitar that I practiced on, and a guy I know knocked it out of the storage shelf at school and the whole fretboard came unglued and fell off. Pretty bad. But now I have a new guitar.
Re:Sitar Jan 22, 2002 07:46 a.m.

hi hits..nice to know you're serious about your live near leicester..i live in leicester..who's your sitar teacher??
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