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Vivekanand P V
Searching Tabla Makers in India Jun 07, 2004 06:27 a.m.

Dear Friends,
I will be very greatful to you people if anybody provide me the contact telephone no. of tabla makers like Sushil Das (Parampara tablas), Bashiruddin (Benaras). or etc.
I want only indian phone numbers.
Re:Searching Tabla Makers in India Jun 07, 2004 05:44 p.m.


Bashiruddin's phone number is 0542-351345.

While everyone still refers to the business as Bashiruddin Tabla Maker, Bashiruddin himself has passed away, and it's his son that has taken over the business. I have some tablas from him that are quite nice.

Mumtaz (son of Shamshuddin) is also a good tabla maker in Benares, but I don't have his phone number.

Take care,

Re:Searching Tabla Makers in India Jun 07, 2004 09:05 p.m.

"Allan Sahab & Sons" is perhaps the only Tabla makers in Lucknow. His nephew started making Table currently for Sunda Musicals but he may not be as good. Unfortunately, Allan Sahab does not have a telephone connection (at least till early 2003) but he could be reached at the following address

Allan Sahab & Sons
Tabla Makers
Latoche Road
Lucknow, India

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