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hello Apr 13, 2004 08:37 a.m.

Hi, does anyone have any tips on performing something (I think) is called a 'gammak' on the bayan. Is it just a matter of practice to make these waving modulations or is there some kind of trick involved - I can't seem to achieve the correct sound - its seems to be lacking fluidity. However, my bayan doesnt have much resonnance anyway, I think may be due to the weather and humdity of where I live or possibly that somehow the pudi is damaged from too much powder. Anyway, if someone can give me any advice on performing this bol then that would be nice thankyou!! Also, I apologise to anyone who thought my last posts were irrelevant or unnecessary, as they were probably both. I would be pleased if anyone could give me some information about my query, as this is how I'd like to use this forum - rather than exchanging moral views.J
Re:hello Apr 13, 2004 11:55 a.m.

Dear Jimmy,
The thing is to control the sound which is being produced in the bayan. Like you control the car or bike. Here there are many aspects to create the gamak. One popular thing is when the Dagga is being played with no weight of hand it produces a resonant sound. In order to choke it you need to have the knowledge of the shruti. The theme is if you choke with hand just close to the shyahi, the sound goes to higher in scale. This sound will go to lower pitches when the hand is much behind the shyahi. You can practice it. Further, taking a continious hand choking from back to front (behind to closer to shyahi) the sound will be gliding from low to high pitch. The perfection will be obtained by regular practice. Like wise you can have a control on bayan sound.
As far as the gamak is concerned., The gamak is fast arrangement of swaras. like "Ma Dha Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Ma Ga" The swaras are used to be uttered in fast or medium tempo. In order to follow this with your bayan, You need to know first about your bayan range. Meaning your bayan can go to 1/2 or 3/4 octave. Then you need to slide your hand and produce the matching sounds. You might be heard this thing is done specially by ustad zakeer. He is getting his hand very close to shyahi when going to upper swaras. and taking very much back to produce low tones. For this they will be having special bayan with large size of about 10-11inches and the shyahi will be more to get the natuaral tonic of bayan to possible low pitch of around D to E.
I suggest you observe this thing done by any maestro if possible. and practice yourself the art of choking dagga. Recitals of Pt. Samtaprasad are very useful for playing colorfully the bayan
With Wishes
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