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Dayan too high? Mar 27, 2004 06:42 a.m.


I just purchased a used tabla set, and the dayan was tuned very high when I first got it. All the gattas were hammered down as far as they would go, and I have since hammered them back up. The problem is, the dayan head still is tuned very high, and it will not tune any lower. What should I do? Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Also, I am new to tabla and will begin lessons with an instructor soon. I could wait until then to ask him this question, but I would like to practice a little with basic bols and am having a hard time with the dayan tuned so high. Thanks...

Re:Dayan too high? Mar 27, 2004 09:29 a.m.

Dear Algernon,
Take the 'pegs' - gatta out. They needn't be used unless there's a need to tune the baya higher. You may have to put them back in - one strap at a time when the room temperature or humidity warrant, or more likely if it's a new head, once it's broken in.
Ask you instructor to take a look at it.
Look in the index on this website for "tabla repair/retightening/tuning" for further questions.


Re:Dayan too high? Mar 28, 2004 05:11 a.m.

Thanks Aanaddha, I really appreciate your helpful reply. I will probably wait for my instructor's advice before removing the gattas. I read the article that you referred to and found it very interesting, this site is such a great resource!

Thanks again.

Re:Dayan too high? Mar 29, 2004 10:25 a.m.

Yeah - I'd definately wait to show them to your teacher. Aanadda (sorry - i think that's spelt wrong) refered to your bayan, and the way i read it, i think he might have thought it was this that was tuned too high - sometimes dayan is just referred to as tabla. The dayan is far more sensative than bayan, and I think you'd be better waiting for your teacher to show ou proper tuning. If you are new to tabla, you will not produce the correct sounds for a long time, and you can practice strokes without the tabla being correctly tuned. I once saw a kid encouraged to practice on wooden replicas! Good luck - practice bols also. You don't need tabla to hand to practice - playing on your legs is also good!
Re:Dayan too high? Mar 29, 2004 12:51 p.m.

Thanks for the correction, Oli. I had read bayan instead of "dayan" - in which case you must leave the gatta in place wth at least one strap over each. Better yet wait to show your instructor as Oli suggests.
My apologies,
Re:Dayan too high? Mar 29, 2004 09:23 p.m.

Take the straps off. How many is it at? Two Three Four? Reduce it untill it's to the desired sound. Hope that helps. Also use your palm and hit the top of the puda that will loosen the puda.


Re:Dayan too high? Apr 10, 2004 02:25 a.m.

Thanks for clearing up the confusion, Oli and Aanaddha! oli, I also appreciate your comments and advice. Aanaddha, no apologies are necessary, you give so much great advice around here that you are entitled to one little mistake.

I had my first lesson on Monday and it was very enlightening as to how to correctly play the bols. I think it will take me a long time until I can get the right sounds. Oli, I have thought of your comments as I have been practicing some basic bols and even struggling with my very first tal... dha ge na tin na ka ge na. I recite it to myself and visualize the finger positions even when I am not near my tabla, and have even used my legs as you suggested. Thank you.

Casey, thanks also for your comments. The gatta only have one strap on each of them, so I can not loosen it any more. Actually, my teacher told me that it is fine the way it is, and that it is not tuned too high, so I am just going to leave it the way that it is. Also Casey, I am very impressed with your playing, you certainly have a promising future ahead of you. Take care.

Thanks everyone, I will be lurking and reading this forum every day, and maybe some day I will have learned enough that I will be able to give helpful advice to someone too. I love this board, you are all great!

Re:Dayan too high? Apr 10, 2004 11:36 p.m.

Thanks Algernon,
We all benefit equally from everyone's contributions and participation.
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