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French Connection Oct 09, 2003 06:51 a.m.


Chintu, a friend of mine fron Banaras is coming to play in Paris. He arrives on the 14th of this month and plays on the 17th. He is a brilliant player of the Banaras gharana. I have have seen him playing in Banaras( and I am off to Paris to see him play ) and I can honestely say that he is going to become the next Samta Prasad (...I know what you are thinking.."no one can ever be like Samta Prasd.." ) But I can tell you that he is really really good. He asked me to ask anyone who would like to take lessons/workshop from him to get in touch.
He simply wants to recover his expenses since it is really very expensive for him to travell to Europe from India.

If you are in France and would like to try, then contact me on :


Re:French Connection Oct 10, 2003 05:35 a.m.

Where will he play?
Re:French Connection Oct 10, 2003 07:16 a.m.

Tell him to make a visit to England aswell as France. I think he would make quite a bit of money visiting London, Birmingham, Leicester & Leeds.

UK has a large Indian community and very eager students. May be Rod you should tell him to come to England next time and stay for a few weeks organise some events he would make a decent amount.

Re:French Connection Oct 10, 2003 03:28 p.m.

what a good news , i know many tabla player in paris , studing under anand kumar , who was disciple of alla rakha , i m interssted , i have an appartment in paris in which we could organised a meeting .
tell us more about that
best regards mewan
Re:French Connection Oct 11, 2003 10:34 a.m.

I don't know yet where he is going to play(I will post when I know). I spoke to him about coming to England and even got the talk to someone who
organizes/promotes some of the big concerts in the Purcell Room, South Bank about perhaps arranging a little concert for him but I had no idea of dates when he would be coming to Europe. I also thought initially that he would stay only ten days but it seems that he will stay a month. Perhaps next year something interesting could be arranged.
Re:French Connection Oct 13, 2003 11:25 a.m.

Alo mon ami.

Below is a copy of a message chintu sent me. there is a phone number of the person who is organizing it in France. He should know where the conerts are taking place.
Please if you can go to this concert(s) or take lessons/workshops ( just imagine getting hold of some of those special banaras compositions...) would really be great. He is a great player and a very nice guy too.
And you would be helping a genuine tabla player.


his tell phone...0033139641625

> how are you?
> I am so sorry that i could not write you for long
>time but I am really busy now because make some tabla
>for my concert , pack all the things, and book the
>flight ticket, get the visa[ its take very much time]
>then Go back varanasi, and meet all the friends, meet
>my mother, again come to delhi.
> now i am in delhi.
> so.....
> I am going to be there 15 th of Oct.
> My concert is 17th...
> to know more the phone....0033..139 641 625
> so please you can ask him, honestly i also don't
>know that where i have to play.
> but i have some more concert, its in south of France,
>so when i will get there i will tell you about every
> about teaching also i will tell you when i will be
> But really thanks to you that you help me by the
> thanks alot.
> chintu
> see you soon
> bye

Re:French Connection Oct 19, 2003 08:08 a.m.

tell us how can we contact you
Re:French Connection Oct 19, 2003 08:12 a.m.

you can e mail me at
Re:French Connection Oct 22, 2003 11:59 a.m.


I have just come back from Paris and had a really excelent time mostly yesterday. Me and Chintu played a small tabla solo and a small companiment in roopak tal with Vinod on bansuri. This was my first time playing with someone else other than my dear lehara machine. It went really well and I trully enjoyed it. It was very informal but most of the people there where good musicians( jazz musicians ) so you kind of knew that when you were crap they would know it and when you did well they also would know it. It's still a long way to go for me but things can only get better from here.

For anyone in France....
Chintu got a set of tabla to sell. It is pure heavy copper with no glass in it. Just copper bayan. You can even hear a clear resonance when you hit the bottom of the bayan. The dahina is also just as good. The set is a profesional one and ready to go. He is selling them for 250 Euros (I am sure he would consider if you can't afford that amount).
He is going to Lile tomorrow for a few concerts. He is living France on the 7th of November. The best way to get in touch with him now would be to write to him on :

There is also a guy called Julian in Paris ( Enghien Les Bains
) Phone : 0139641625
He might be able to put you in touch with Chintu.

Re:French Connection Oct 22, 2003 12:54 p.m.

THanks a lot , i ll call julian to meet chintu
as soon as possible
thank you
Re:French Connection Oct 31, 2003 07:54 a.m.

Yeah Man , thank you rod , I love this guy , these guys more precisly , vishnu is a wonderful bansuri player too !
I am going to varanasi in febrary to meet him again ,
I am very lucky ... it is because of you , thanks again , Mewan
Re:French Connection Oct 31, 2003 09:40 a.m.


You are welcome! I am glad I could help. They are both really nice guys. In Banaras they used to play in a place called "Rythm Point". It had some really good acustics. Now they are playing/teaching somewhere (Sur Sudhar) not as good I think, but still a nice place to hang about when there is electricity (for the fan).

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