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How to stop ringing in tabla Jul 10, 2003 04:24 p.m.


I have a really nice tabla with a very open sound. The only probelm i when i hit the tabla, i rings. Does anyone know how to stop this ringing? (i think its the shiayee that causes the ringing)


Re:How to stop ringing in tabla Jul 10, 2003 06:53 p.m.

One way I know works is find the place where shyahi is loose and take cooked rice and fill the hole. Belive me it works.
Prafulla Athalye.
Re:How to stop ringing in tabla Jul 11, 2003 01:53 a.m.


It's not a big deal. If it is buzzing, then you should try to find out the moving part of the siyahi by hitting. Most of the times, it is difficult to find out but if you can find out, then either you remove that moving portion or put some gum (very little) only on that portion. Let it dry. But remember one thing, putting something sticky such as gum to other part of the siyahi may cut it's resonance or block the sound of your tabla. So, don't put the gum on other part of the siyahi. Otherwise you may spoil the skin.


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