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Tabla Instruction ? Jul 04, 2003 10:15 a.m.

" a rhythmic sequence, and then individually duplicate the sounds, based upon what they heard. I also make it clear that this is not an exercise in which it's important to get it right, and should anyone not remember a part of the sequence, he/she should simply make something up - fill in the blank. I also suggest that everyone should just have fun doing the exercise, and stay with the rhythm. Once we've been through several rounds, I ask everyone to describe what they were
thinking, while doing the exercise, which was other than just simply listening and duplicating or making up sounds. Although I have done this exercise more than a hundred different times, in many different locations, I have always found the results to be practically identical. We are so completely consumed by the idea of "getting it right" .........that there is little space left to actually listen and enjoy the sounds........ "

An excerpt from an article in the the American Sanskrit Institue website.

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