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Left wrist pain Jun 30, 2003 07:57 a.m.

Does anyone have any insight into healing a sore left wrist? I've been playing for about four years and recently I've been exploring the realms of bayan modulation. I still able to play, but if I attempt to do a push up or hand stand...Ouch.
Re:Left wrist pain Jul 04, 2003 10:08 a.m.

Best way to heal it is to give it a rest. You may be using too much pressure. Possibly you may have developed tendinitis or carpal tunnel compression at the wrist. Watch it now before you mess up your left shoulder also.
If rest, over the counter pain pills and a wrist splint does not work see an orthopod who has an interest in sports medicine.
Listen to your body,
well wisher,
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