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Climb every mountain Jun 07, 2003 08:24 a.m.

For me each stage of learning to play the tabla is like seeing a mountain, climbing the mountain, then feeling that you've conqered the mountain.
This could equate for example with, hearing peyshka, leaning to play peyshka, then felling confident about "knowing" peyshka.

My first real climb was my first, Dha Dhin Tak Dhin. Then later Tirekit, we must all remember getting to the summit of that one. Then Dhere Dhere, then Dhere Dhere Tirekit etc. etc. The only thing I know for sure is that there will always be another mountain when I get to the top and that I am becoming a better climber.

This week I was introduced to mount Dhati Geyna Dhina. Its a fast rela like lick which uses unusual bols. The Dhati seems straight forward, the Na of the Geyna looks as if its played as Ti (second bol of Tit) and the na in Dhina is played with the ring finger of the right hand and again more of a Ti.

The result, when played correcly allows great speed and allows the right hand to settle into a wave like rhythm.

If anyone can follow this and is feeling charitable towards an old mountaineer perhaps they would lend a hand.

'scuse spelling

Re:Climb every mountain Jun 12, 2003 06:59 a.m.

I have just read the above post and feel that it would be best reframed as.......

Can anyone help me play Dhati Geyna Dhina ?



Re:Climb every mountain Jun 12, 2003 11:33 a.m.

After nearly five years playing, I am just now arriving at the foothills of the first mountain.
Re:Climb every mountain Jun 12, 2003 02:37 p.m.

To practise DhereDhere feels like climbing Mt Everest every day to me.
Re:Climb every mountain Jun 13, 2003 05:52 a.m.

I think I've overstaed the mountaineering analogy to the detrement of ,

How does one best learn, Dhati Gena Dhina, ? I am struggling with it.


saiprasad divekar
Re:Climb every mountain Nov 02, 2003 10:46 a.m.

Its really great to here such illusion at the same time achievements of yours.

God bless you.

and yes you will be successfull in every task.

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