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My Experience with DMS Bina May 21, 2003 02:09 a.m.

I had a horrible experience with DMS Bina! ( or they have 2 sites). First of all it took about 2 weeks for my items to ship eventhough they assured my that the items would be sent the day after payment was received. No biggie I thought, at least the items had shipped. By the way, they provided me with a false tracking number just so they would not receive emails from me regarding the status of the order. When the items did finally ship, they said it was a mistake and "the correct tracking number is". No wonder I could never track the dang package!

Finally when my package did arrive, I noticed that some items that I had explictily paid for were missing. I contacted "Inni Singh" by email and voiced my concerns and he assured me that it was a packing error and that they would "ship the missing items right away". Well I have not received my items yet needless to say. Beware of this business. I have no problem saying that this Inni Singh character is a liar and a cheat. Save your cash and go somewhere else.

Re:My Experience with DMS Bina May 21, 2003 06:26 a.m.

See my post in the subject on the Indian Music Forum.


Re:My Experience with DMS Bina May 23, 2003 02:39 p.m.

After I made this posting, Inni Singh from DMS Bina has contacted me and made an attempt to rectify the situation. He even offered me a free bhangra dhol. He has sent the missing items and I am waiting to get them.
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