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tabla study in southern India Apr 25, 2003 09:05 p.m.

I'm hoping to go to southern India for a year to continue my tabla studies. I'm considering going to Kerala or Karnataka. Of course I know this isn't the place to go for tabla but I've never been down south and I'd really like to study there if possible. Does anyone know a good place to study or a teacher in the south that they can recommend? I've been a part time student for about four years. Thanks for any info.
Roy Chowdhury
Re:tabla study in southern India May 10, 2003 01:29 a.m.

I have been away from India for many years, but in case you are in viscinity of Gadag, I strongly recommend you get in touch with my teacher Mr. K Dattatray who is a eccellent teacher and performer. You would never be dissapointed. In case you need details, please send me an email. Regards
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