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Shardajee Concert and cd Apr 08, 2003 04:37 a.m.

Shardajee's concert last saturday was trully amazing and Bhupinder was also great. He is bound to become a great player considering he is only 23. Shardajee played many old compositions created by his ancestors of the Benaras gharana.
The bamboo fight(composition) by a farrukhabad player which was by confronted by the sword fight(composition) by shardajee's ancestor. Lots of fun and lots of "haaaa..", "kya baat hai" in the air... Shardajee's cd is also out but it is a limited edition and it has I believe all ( and more ) composition he played. The name is "Compositons of Benaras" and it on

A warm welcome to Pandit Anindo Chatterjee to the forum.


Re:Shardajee Concert and cd Apr 09, 2003 04:59 a.m.

Totally agree with you Rod....

Shardajee will be performing in the all night concert on 3rd May in NY..

Re:Shardajee Concert and cd Apr 09, 2003 10:44 a.m.

Thanks Rod. I've ordered a copy of the CD
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