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Tabla Gharana web page Jan 13, 2003 11:51 a.m.

I think I found that Gharana web page Shawn was talking about.

I seems like there was a gharana website that disappeared maybe this is it's new location or at least the tabla part

Re: Tabla Gharana web page Jan 16, 2003 02:36 p.m.

Hi everyone,

Yes, this is a webpage that I started a few years ago with a friend of mine as a project in my spare time... Unfortunately I haven't had much spare time to work on the specific gharana entries (which require a great deal of research to do appropriate justice to the varied traditions of each of the tabla gharanas). I do think that it is important to highlight the differences in styles because the true beauty of each of these traditions is most evident in the solo (as many fans of the Benares/Farukhabad CDs have attested to in this forum).

I will get to these gharana pages in time... but what you do see on the website I've done alone - literally pouring hours of work into the research, writing and formatting. I feel that it's important to present all that's out there as accurately as possible. To do justice to the traditions this demands proper research. I've been lucky to have been given consultation, constructive criticism and comments from many professionals around the world. The help and support from people was encouraging but interest and enthusiasm has understandably waned over time (some of this was because of my own lack of time due to graduate school committments). Despite this, however, I felt it important to maintain at least an updated discography and updated links to existing tabla player websites.

Being a fulltime student and working, my time and resources (i.e. money, cough cough) are low - so what is currently on there is what I could spare given these limitations. A lot of work remains to be done... but I also welcome any contributions to the effort. And to clarify, I mean contributions in WRITING (not money). It's not really a for-profit venture as much as an information resource and that's why I've only housed it on free servers. One of these days I might land and put soundclips, videos and all of that great stuff on there but we'll see... This might be a little overambitious for a poor student right now...

In the meantime I wanted to give Shawn a cyber high-five for his page on the Benares gharana. The geneology chart and bios are fantastic (- very similar to the vision I had for each of the other gharana headings on my own site.) Great job.
To those of you who have emailed me with suggestions, writing contributions and encouragement... a huge thank you!!

Warren (Jan 13, 2003 11:51 a.m.):
I think I found that Gharana web page Shawn was talking about.

I seems like there was a gharana website that disappeared maybe this is it's new location or at least the tabla part

Re:Tabla Gharana web page Jan 17, 2003 12:16 p.m.

Well maybe for now you could point the link on your page to open Shawns page in a new window. Then you can find anyone else who had made pages and point links to them ?

Here is some info I find on the web , the owner of this web page went through great lengths to block people's ability to copy this info (he wasn't successful)

The Tabla Gharanas: There are many ways a tabla can be
played. Six main styles or bajs have been identified. They
are Delhi, Ajrara and Punjab from the Paschim baj and
Benaras, Farukabad and Lucknow from the Purab baj.
Some of the well-known names of the various Tabla Gharanas
and their renowned exponents are as follows:
Delhi Gharana: Game Khan, Chhote Kale Khan, Hidayat
Khan, Mahadev Indorkar, Illahi Bux Khan, Azim Khan,
Ahmedjan Thirakwa, Rafiuddin Sabri, Divyang Vakil,
Latif Ahmed Khan, Sudhir Kumar Saxena, Ram Kumar
Mishra and Shakeel Ahmad Khan.
Farukhabad Gharana: Ustad Dayam Ali Qadri, Abhijit
Banerjee, Gyan Prakash Ghosh, Munir Khan, Nanne Khan,
Aneesh Pradhan, Nikhil Ghosh, Bikram Ghosh, Gyan
Prakash Ghosh, Tanmoy Bose, Taranath Rao and Syamal

Lucknow Gharana: Pandit Ragunath Nakod, Abhimaan
Kaushal, Sheikh Dawood, Abid Hussain Khan, Wajid
Hussain Khan, Hirendra Ganguly, Swapan Chaudhuri, Ravi
Gutala, Jehangir Khan (Indore), Mohammed Khan and
Alladiya Khan (Hyderabad).

Benares Gharana: Founder: Pandit Ram Sahai, Anand
Gopal Bandopadhyay, Anil Palit, Mahadeo Prasad Mishra,
Kishan Maharaj/Kanthe Maharaj, Anokhelal Mishra,
Baldev Sahai, Badri Maharaj, Beeru Mishra, Birju
Maharaj, Wajid Hussain Khan, Kashinath Mishra,
Biswanath Bose, Anokhelal Mishra, Samta Prasad Mishra
(also known as Gudai Maharaj), Ram Sahai, Kishore
Kumar Mishra, Vinod Lele, Maruti Venkatesh Kurdekar
and Sandeep Das, etc.

Ajrara Gharana: Akram Khan, Bandoo Khan, Ghulam Sarwar
Sabri, Habibuddin Khan, Raghunath Nakod, Ramzan Khan,
Shakeel Ahmed Khan, Natthu Khan and Niazu Khan.

Punjab Gharana: Ustad Allah Rakha Khan and his son
Ustad Zakir Hussain, Abdul Sattar, Tari Khan, Shaukat
Hussain, Anuradha Pal, Kader Baksh, Fazal Qureshi and
Faqir Baksh.

Unclassified: Vasant Achrekar, Narayanrao Indorkar,
Balakrishna Iyer, Kedar Pandit, Khaprumam Parvatkar,
S.K.Hangal, Taranath Rao, Suresh Talwalkar,
Pandharinath Nageshkar and Kiran Deshpande.

Re:Tabla Gharana web page Jan 16, 2003 05:08 p.m.


I always liked the idea of your gharana site. I really hope that you get the chance to complete it someday!

Re:Tabla Gharana web page Jan 24, 2003 02:21 a.m.

interesting that many of the unclassified people have Marathi names.....
could it be the product of many people wishing to play as many styles as possible?
and what of the Jaipur gharana? does it have a different name?
Re:Tabla Gharana web page Jan 26, 2003 01:48 p.m.

In the future, having the videos and sound clips of each gharana, and maybe you could have some compositions of each gharana. That'd be great, and also very tuff, goodluck with this website.
Re:Tabla Gharana web page Jan 26, 2003 07:20 p.m.

I'd love to help on any future project as far as info on Punjab and Purab goes. Please keep me in the loop.


Re:Tabla Gharana web page Jan 28, 2003 12:44 a.m.

If you want to write something up I'll put it on the Austin Tabla site.(send to my e-mail)

Sajjad (Jan 26, 2003 07:20 p.m.):
I'd love to help on any future project as far as info on Punjab and Purab goes. Please keep me in the loop.


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